Title 1

Parent Policy

In accordance with No Child Left Behind of 2001, the Title I School-Wide program has adopted the following parent policies to ensure all parent have an opportunity to be involved in their child’s educational program.

A.  Meredith K-12 School is a full service school that supports the individual therapeutic and educational needs of each student in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. Together, with community, we are committed to fostering intellectual, emotional and moral growth.

B.  Parents are invited to attend annual Title I meetings offered in the fall, winter, and spring semesters to receive information regarding the Title I Program: services, school wide plan, and parent policy.

C.  Parents and guardians are invited to participate in annual IEP meetings that are arranged with flexibility to honor time commitments. These meetings provide opportunities for input into school programs, curriculum, assessments, and other programs that relate to the education of their child.

D.  The school-parent compact is used so that parents and guardians will share the responsibility to ensure that each student is empowered to achieve his or her fullest potential.

a.  Homework responsibilities
b.  Student responsibilities
c.  Teacher responsibilities

E.  Parent involvement is encouraged through building capacity in the following ways:

a.  Participation in the IEP process
b. Invitation to school programs such as the open house, Harvest Festival Luncheon, Nova Home Loans Presentation, Rodeo Luncheon,

F.  Graduation Celebration, and various community outreach programs
School and family programs, meetings, and other activities shall be available on a nondiscriminatory basis to parents in a language they can understand.