Mary Meredith K-12

Do you want to attend Mary Meredith?
If you are interested in attending Mary Meredith, please contact us by email or give us a call at 520-232-8200 for an interview!
What Makes Us Special


  • Our school is a supportive community dedicated to educating, empowering, and inspiring our students to be positive and contributing citizens.


  • Our school’s family fosters intellectual, emotional, and social growth to empower our students to become fair, responsible, respectful, caring, trustworthy and good citizens.


  • Mary Meredith K-12 is based on the belief that all students can learn to recognize their emotional challenges and use this knowledge to understand and improve their behaviors.  The entire Mary Meredith K-12 community values shared accomplishments, a culture that respects diversity and treats all with dignity, and is dedicated to the process necessary to help each student reach their full potential.

Collective Commitments

  • Be a Role Model:  Be a model of our commitments
  • Be Present in Mind and Body:  Show-up everyday, On time
  • Be the Team/Family/Community:  Work together
  • Be Flexible:  Embrace Change
  • Be Collaborative:  Have equity of voice
  • Be Professional:  Positive/Respectful
School Information
Community Assistance Information
Mission / Vision
Mustangs R.A.C.E to Win
 R . A . C . E
  • Respectful
  • Accountable
  • Compassionate
  • Engaged